Lineage-dependent assembly of the functional neocortex?


题目:Lineage-dependent assembly of the functional neocortex

报告人:Dr. Songhai Shi(时松海)

Lab head, Member @ Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center,

Professor @ Weill Cornell Medicine Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Cornell University, USA



邀请人: 张晨研究员(电话:62755602)


The ability of the neocortex to command all higher-order brain functions depends on the intricate circuitry comprised of a vast number of diverse neurons. Despite advances in the understanding of the initial specification and the general histology and information flow of the neocortex, the principles and mechanisms that organize the assembly and operation of neocortical circuits remain largely elusive. Our work has focused on searching for the common commodities of neocortical circuits at both the structural and functional levels and linking them with animal behaviors. We have analyzed the mechanisms that control the production and positioning of neocortical neurons, with the premise that origin and lineage relationship guide the formation of reiterating neuronal ensembles/substrates for functional circuit assembly.